Thursday, June 19, 2014

Party Hoppers

Today, another UNP member from the Uva Provincial Councillor crossed over to the UPFA. 

I have no problem with people crossing over or even voting in keeping with their conscience rather than by party directive. However, what I want to do here is to track those who cross over (i.e. the party hoppers). 

When the time for re-election comes up, it will be useful to look back on how each person, duly elected by the people of Sri Lanka as a representative of their party, has performed and whether they are worthy of re-election; to any party. 

If this information is already available someone please let me know and I will stop wasting my time by tracking it here :)

Name From To Elected To Elected Date Crossover Date Comments
Ravi Gunawardena United National Party United Peoples Freedom Alliance Uva Provincial Council
19/06/2014 Mr Gunawardena was the UNP Organizer for Bandarawela.